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“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” (Hamlet)

The worlds of humans and the like are filled with quite a variety of strange environments. These are tame compared to the exotic nature of other planes of existence. Cosmologia presents an examination of many of these planes, along with mechanisms for PCs to explore them.

•    The Ethereal Plane
•    Tristorus - The plane of shadow
•    Elphyne - The fey realm
•    The 4 elemental planes
      ▪    Expanded tiers of elementals
      ▪    Genies of each element
•    The Astral Plane
•    Abyss - The realm of chaos

         new info on the 6 Types of Demons
•    Celestia - The realm of law

         introducing 7 Tiers of Archons
•    Elysium - The realm of good

         introducing 7 Tiers of Angels
•    Tartarus - The realm of evil

         introducing 9 Tiers of Devils
•    6 Patrons
•    44 Spells
•    And a plethora of extra-planar creatures

It’s out of this world!

Each plane has
•    Description of the environment
•    Various points of interest
•    Native denizens of the plane
•    Impact of different magic in the exotic environment
•    Hazards of the plane

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