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We Who Are About to Die cover.png

This multi-part adventure pack is set in the Pax Lexque campaign world, which is detailed in the Pax Lexque Campaign Guide, available separately.

Part 1 - Bring Them Back Alive
Senator Licenius often sponsors gladiatorial events in the Roman Colosseum. The  most popular ones involve gladiators fighting exotic beasts from far away places. That’s where you come in. Someone needs to capture these creatures and deliver them to Rome, alive.

Part 2 - For the Glory of Rome
The roar of the crowd, the esteem of the populace, the thrill of combat, you crave it all! Your team of gladiators has won a chance to fight on the biggest stage of all, the Amphitheatrum Flavium - the Colosseum of Rome. You will face off against a myriad of terrifying creatures. If you survive, you will receive the respect of the Emperor himself - and advance the glory of Rome.

Part 3 - Circus Ferus
From the Circus Minumus, where gnomes race goat chariots while wielding meatball slingshots, to the completely untamed Circus Ferus, where drivers are just as likely to kill each other as outrace them, chariot racing is wildly popular in many of the lands around the Great Sea.


Presented in this section are rules for chariot racing in DCC.

High resolution maps available for free on DriveThruRPG.

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