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The Eternal City_cover.jpg

Help the Pan Europa Crawl League celebrate its 100th anniversary! These two adventures pit XCrawl teams against a wide variety of dangers to thrill the viewing audience.

Part 1 - Hamburg Hackfest (Level 1-2)

Dungeon Judge Klaus von Klaus takes this opportunity to take the XCrawl team on a trip through the German Empire's history. The XCrawlers will have to defend a giant keg from the Beer-serker and defend themselves from cannons that shoot live goblins. Can they prove to be as heroic as their forefathers?

Part 2 - Rumble in Rome (Level 4-5)

For centuries, gladiatorial combat has thrilled viewers around the globe. Much has changed in later times, but in some places, a sense of tradition in this sport remains strong. One such place is the city where it all began - the Eternal City - Rome. Dungeon Judge Sircio Gherardi takes the XCrawlers on a tour of Europe - from legendary creatures of Gaul to unspeakable horrors of Russia, this dungeon will really put the crawlers to the test.

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