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These three adventures for 1st-4th level characters are set in the Pax Lexque campaign world, which is detailed in the Pax Lexque Campaign Guide, available separately.

Each of the adventures place the PCs as members of Manus Legis. This is the Roman Empire’s special-forces cohort which is tasked with addressing the various dangers leftover from the Wars of Darkness, the magic wars that fragmented the Roman Empire 400 years ago.

Module 1: On His Majesty's Secret Service
You are new recruits in the imperial special forces group, Manus Legis, (Hand of the Law). Your first assignment should be easy, just track down some lost sheep. What could go wrong? (Level 1)

Module 2: All in the Family
Having proven yourself on several assignments, you are being trusted with a sensitive mission - find a thief of magical supplies before they can be used for necromantic purposes. (Level 3)

Module 3: The Missing Men of Grendisch Pass
This new mission sounds more daunting. A whole merchant caravan has disappeared, and apparitions were seen in the area. Can you resolve the cause and put these  spirits to rest? (Level 4)

This volume also includes a new class, the Alchemist.

High resolution maps available for free on DriveThruRPG.

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