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Tribes of the North cover.jpg

Come explore the lands of the northern tribes! The realms of Germania and Norheimr are home to a collection of fierce tribes. Called "barbarians" by the people of Rome, the men and women of the north are actually proud people with civilizations reaching back into time immemorial.

Presented in this volume are 10 tribes of the northmen, from the Saxons to the Vandals, the Haleygr to the Swedes, and all those between. Also included are a collection of patrons of the people of the north, 21 spells, and 4 classes - Berserker, Frost Elf, Runecaster and Shaman.

Also included is a new system for projecting a character's fate. Be forewarned though, that knowing too much about one's destiny can be detrimental to mortals and trying to cheat fate is quite likely to bring disaster.

This volume is an expansion to the Pax Lexque campaign setting and is designed for use with the Dungeon Crawl Classics rule system

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