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Magic is not one single thing. It is manifested and manipulated in a multitude of ways. This volume details some of the various types of magic and gives classes associated with each. Also given herein are various patrons associated with magic, new types of magical corruption, a collection of magic items and descriptions of otherworldly realms.

Some of the content contained in this book is a reprint of material from previous publications by Raorgen Games.

This manual presents:
  ● 9 categories of magic
  ● 8 classes (Alchemist, Bard, Dragonborn, Genie-kin, Gnome, Necromancer, Shaman, Witch)
  ● 3 class variants (Arcane Dancer, Fey-touched, Half-elf)
  ● 85 spells
  ● 6 patrons
  ● Expanded lists of physical corruptions
  ● Mental corruptions
  ● 17 new magic items
  ● 6 magical realms



This book is an expansion to the Pax Lexque campaign world, which is detailed in the Pax Lexque Guide, but may be applied to other worlds


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