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Pax Lexque is a campaign setting based on an alternate reality historical earth in which the ancient lands of Earth

were co-mingled with conventional elements of fantasy. The Pax Lexque line of books includes three sourcebooks:

Pax Lexque Campaign Guide which covers the lands around the Mediterranean Sea,

Isles of the Celts, which covers the British isles and

Kingdoms of Africa, covering sub-saharan Africa.

The product line also includes five adventure modules:

The Hand of the Law, We Who Are About to Die, The King's Bargain, The Moon Locket and Kingdom of Fire.

Empire of the Cyclops Con
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Fri, Nov 5 at 7:00 PM

4 hrs

Sun, Nov 7 at 5:00 PM

4 hrs

Minimum hours for staffing the Raorgen Games booth at Empire of the Cyclops Con
(All times Eastern Time US)
Nov 5 - 4:00pm-6:00pm
Nov 6 - 10:00pm-11:00pm

Our Books

Kingdom of Fire cover sample.jpg

Introducing: Kingdom of Fire

This 141 page adventure series has 6 chapters and is designed to take characters from level 1 to 6.

A foreign power is posing an existential threat to the Kingdom of Arabia as the new king prepares for war, and the PCs have only just so much time to protect their homeland. Ancient magics, Ifrit and royal politics all collide in this six chapter campaign adventure pack.

It includes 9 new monsters, 13 new spells and expands on 2 patrons from the campaign guide.

Also included are rules for handling mass combat between armies.

Pax Lexque Cover sample.png
The Hand of the Law cover.PNG
We Who Are About to Die cover.png
Isles of the Celts sample.PNG
The King's Bargain sample.PNG
The Moon Locket cover sample.JPG
Africa cover front_sample.JPG
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